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Things our Customers Say
Helen Trill

4 months ago

The wonderful, professional service received from the Flower company for a recent funeral. The flowers exceeded our expectations and were very good value for money. Many thanks for a caring service.
Sue Sutton

11 months ago

Always beautiful flower bouquets and plants. Been using them for years. Always fresh and longlasting. And reasonably priced too for the quality you get. Nice staff too. Big public car park nearby.
Annette Howard

a year ago

My mum had the most beautiful bouquet delivered for her 80th Birthday. Flowers were stunning, and the bouquet was massive. She was so happy with them. The delivery gentleman was also very kind.
amelia Smith

a year ago

Lovely team of people, always smiling and friendly. Helped me get exactly what I was looking for. Would go again for any types of flowers I need


We are not perfect, we commit mistakes and these mistakes can make someone cry and can cause heartaches to our loved ones. This can also make us feel worthless. Many say that making mistakes is a part of our lives, through it, we learn something new. As what people always say, “We learn from our mistakes.”

Committing mistakes makes us feel guilty especially making mistakes for the first time. We can feel resentment to ourselves, awkwardness, and disgrace. To avoid these feelings, we should accept our mistakes.

Don’t point fingers to someone or anyone in the world. Correct your mistakes as much as possible and most especially ask for forgiveness to someone especially to your loved one whom you committed mistakes.

To say sorry to your loved one, apologize for all the wrongdoings you’ve done to that person and have a good conversation. In that conversation, don’t ever make excuses, rather ask for forgiveness. Also, give a peace offering like teddy bears, jewelry, books, and also flowers.

Flowers can melt someone’s heart. It changes all the moods and the negative feelings of a person. Flowers can help heal all the sadness caused by mistakes. Flower changes everything.

To show your sincerity in saying sorry, give that person a bounce of Purple Hyacinth flower. Roses, orchids, tulips, and carnations are also good in expressing the apology.

Countesthorpe Florist can help you in sending flowers to your loved one. Countesthorpe Florist offers a variety of flowers that can express how genuine you are. This variation includes the Glittering Sunshine Gift Box that gives affection to the people all over the place.

We also have Hatbox that gives a smile to the face of the person who receives it. Hatbox composed of a combination of flowers like White Roses, Pink Spray Rose, Carnation, Pink Lisianthus, Pistache, White Spray, and Pink Freesia.

Countesthorpe Flower shop promises that the flowers Countesthorpe Florist offers are the best in town. You can avail of the Sunshine Gift box and the Hatbox through the Countesthorpe flower delivery service. It offers same-day delivery before 1 pm. 

Countesthorpe Florist is set at Countesthorpe town, a public and an outsized community in the borough of Blaby, Leicestershire. In the 11th era, Countesthorpe’s name was created. The portion of the name “Thorpe” means a small village or hamlet from Middle English.

Saint Andrew is the town church and it was restored two times in 1840 and 1907. The church tower is still in place until now. The Bulls Head and The Railway, The Square, and The Axe are the three community houses in Countesthorpe.

Many famous individuals live in Countesthorpe. That includes the professional football players Ahmed Musa, Harvey Barnes, and Maurice Tompkin; the World War first soldier William Buckingham; and the broadcaster and author about exercise and health.

Countesthorpe Florist always assures the high quality of each flower. Countesthorpe Florist has a very extraordinary standard in their flower arrangement just like how Countesthorpe Florist finds a love of their life.

Countesthorpe Flower shop always provides a fresh flower every day and keeps refreshing their flowers just like them. Countesthorpe flower shop always sells fresh flowers anytime for a very low price. The Countesthorpe flower shop customer could just afford it. Countesthorpe flower delivery makes the life of the clients accessible.

Countesthorpe flower delivery has fast and reliable service because we want to provide you a hassle-free transaction.

If you ought something sympathetic to give but don’t have enough time, Countesthorpe Florist is right for you. Countesthorpe flower shop can give you the sweetest and most romantic flowers you want. Like how romantic Countesthorpe Florist is. If you’re in a faraway place no need to worry because Countesthorpe flower delivery is the key. Countesthorpe flower delivery will deliver your flowers faithfully and quickly.

If you need something explicit, you can talk to Countesthorpe Florist or any person in the team, they are very good at that. Countesthorpe flower shop gives you the finest flowers that direct from the source. Countesthorpe flower delivery is the best and high-speed delivery in town.

Countesthorpe Florist offers a same-day and next-day Countesthorpe flower delivery before 2 pm.

Hurray! Come and visit now at Flower Company and have a pleasant talk to our kind-hearted Countesthorpe Florist!
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