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Things our Customers Say
Helen Trill

4 months ago

The wonderful, professional service received from the Flower company for a recent funeral. The flowers exceeded our expectations and were very good value for money. Many thanks for a caring service.
Sue Sutton

11 months ago

Always beautiful flower bouquets and plants. Been using them for years. Always fresh and longlasting. And reasonably priced too for the quality you get. Nice staff too. Big public car park nearby.
Annette Howard

a year ago

My mum had the most beautiful bouquet delivered for her 80th Birthday. Flowers were stunning, and the bouquet was massive. She was so happy with them. The delivery gentleman was also very kind.
amelia Smith

a year ago

Lovely team of people, always smiling and friendly. Helped me get exactly what I was looking for. Would go again for any types of flowers I need


February is the month of love and romance. This month is the set-on time to choose a beautiful bunch of flowers, someone, you desire or love, or treat yourself to. The people are full of love and compassion in the month of Valentine. Both instant and long term relationships; flowers are connected to a person’s joy. Flowers can ease away the symptoms of misery and fretfulness, release stress, and lift up your spirit.

Flowers give us the connection to nature, to meditate to ourselves, and to see what in us and the things that surround us. It helps awaken our well-being. Whether you grow them, buy them, receive them, or admire them from a distance.

Flowers can help stimulate a sense of self-importance and eagerness with others, and release serotonin.nSerotonin is popularly thought to be a provider to feelings of wellbeing and happiness. Flowers make us happy by triggering our brain chemicals the dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin often so-called the love hormone.
Braybrooke is a small town located in northwest Northamptonshire, England. It lies in the valley between two ridges one of which is surmounted by the A6 trunk road. Halfway between Market Harborough and Desborough Braybrooke is situated. The surrounding land in the parish is a mixture of arable and pasture. The Church is the most momentous building in modern Braybrooke.
The Church is devoted to all the Saints. It is found in the central village of the town crosses roads and the prominent feature is the magnificent elongated spire which was built in the late 14th century or early 15th century. The molded south doorway and the eastern bay of the nave are the oldest surviving parts of the Church. Over a long period in the late 19th century and early 20th centuries of compassionate restoration work was done.n
The famous people in Braybrooke are Sir Thomas Latimer the leading figure in the Lollard movement and Lord of the manor, Robert of Braybrooke the landowner, justice and sheriff, and Graham Mofatt a comic actor.
Braybrooke Flower shop serves as an ambassador of happiness in Braybrooke. Through Braybrooke flower beautifully crafted and affordable blooms. Braybrooke Florist make sure they put a smile on their customers face, quality speediness go hand-in-hand. Braybrooke flower shop biggest selling point to Braybrooke Florist Client is the assurance of no delayed Braybrooke Flower delivery.
Braybrooke Florist are professional handcrafts each order using the freshest Braybrooke flowers sourced from flower farms for a long-lasting Braybrooke flower designs. Braybrooke Flower shop provides classic hand bouquets, beautiful grand opening stands, and ellegant funeral wreaths.
Braybrooke Florist pays exceptional attention to details to convey the appropriate story and sentiments. As obvious as it is, Braybrooke Flower shop makes sure and swear to meets ends with their customer to the best that they can especially meeting deadlines and Braybrooke flower deliveries.
Braybrooke Florist has confidence that their client’s orders of Braybrooke Flowers and bouquets will be delivered with tenderness and love by Braybrooke flower delivery. Braybrooke Flower shop established excellent customer service despite with Braybrooke Florist’s long list of customers.
Braybrooke Flower shop promise to be more strengthen the care of their customers. Braybrooke Florist ensure that all the requirements, needs, and personal choices of the customer will be met by Braybrooke Flower shop.

Braybrooke Florist only offers the deluxe and freshest Braybrooke Flowers that they have directly from their sources. That’s why Braybrooke flower delivery arrived you garden-fresh smell. Braybrooke Florist committedly arranges all Braybrooke Flowers with love and care to give their customers the most excellent offer.

Braybrooke’s Flower shop offers a multiplicity of flower collection contains Pink Orchid, White Orchid Planter, Jewel Tone Hatbox, Vibrant Gemini, Solent, Strawberry Ice, Rose Box Pink, Rose Box Citrus, Plush Orchid Hatbox, Perfectly Pretty and many more Braybrooke Flower and Braybrooke flower delivery could offer at a reasonable price for you.
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