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Things our Customers Say
Helen Trill

4 months ago

The wonderful, professional service received from the Flower company for a recent funeral. The flowers exceeded our expectations and were very good value for money. Many thanks for a caring service.
Sue Sutton

11 months ago

Always beautiful flower bouquets and plants. Been using them for years. Always fresh and longlasting. And reasonably priced too for the quality you get. Nice staff too. Big public car park nearby.
Annette Howard

a year ago

My mum had the most beautiful bouquet delivered for her 80th Birthday. Flowers were stunning, and the bouquet was massive. She was so happy with them. The delivery gentleman was also very kind.
amelia Smith

a year ago

Lovely team of people, always smiling and friendly. Helped me get exactly what I was looking for. Would go again for any types of flowers I need


The flowers are the most self- effacing gift that the earth has given to us. In our youth days, we do magic with flowers. We chant together with plucking the petals of flowers one by one predicting and hoping that our heart’s desire will come true.
Flowers are presents of any celebration, mourning, showing love, affection, fertility and so much more. We always believe that every flower has meanings like red roses we associated it with love because of its red color, yellow roses give a warm feeling and happiness, the white rose is the purist represent purity, innocence, and charm, pink rose shows gentleness and admiration.
When you canu2019t say I love you directly to your special someone just give her a Lavender Rose. It is an enchanting way to say I love you. Not just roses have meanings but also other flowers too according to their colors and use. Like Chamomile tea for relaxing the body and mind. For the memory of someone’s spirit, we give crown graves with fresh bouquets.
The most obvious sign of life is flower especially during the turn of the season that signifies to start a new beginning. Flowers also use as medicine they find flowers as the herb. It also used as an offering or can be decorative to the altar. Flowers provide to a human the tools that they need to pursue their goals, dreams, and wishes. The magic of flowers that they bring to our lives need not be showy simply appreciating their existence is enough to bring life and encouragement to our hearts.

Imagine life surrounded by flowers, how beautiful it is to live every day. All the negative vibes and sadness will disappear. Even if you don’t have a flower garden and you’ll badly need a flower as a gift. No worries because there are many flower shops now. And the best flower shop for you is Bitteswell Florist. Bitteswell Florist is located in Bitteswell.

Bitteswell is situated just in the northern town of Lutterworth. It is a cute village and a former municipal parish, now in the parish of Bitteswell with Bittesby, in the Harborough state of Leicestershire in England. It was included in the Domesday Book as Betmeswelle.
Bitteswell had its own RAF station called RAF Bitteswell. And there are many other aircraft were built and maintained in the village. Bitteswell also has St. Mary’s C of E Primary School, St. Mary’s Church, and a pub, the Man at Arms, which is part of the Kings Henry Taverns group. The cricketer Frederic Watson is one of the prominent people in town.

Bitteswell flower shop floral design guarantees beyond limits. Flowers at Bitteswell flower shop assures and promises to meet ends with their customers to the best that they can. Bitteswell florist delivery is fast and convenient nothing to worry about. Bitteswell flowers promise that your flowers will be delivered with care and love with Bitteswell flower delivery.

Bitteswell flower shop secures that all the needs, wants and personal preferences of their clients will be meeting with satisfaction. Bitteswell Florist offers flowers the premium and the freshest flowers that they have directly from their sources. Bitteswell flower delivery is very steadfast in doing its services. Bitteswell flower shop ensures to make your moment more meaningful and special with flowers and our flower delivery.

Bitteswell Florist enthusiastically arranges all the flowers with love and attention. Our florist is best for their fields of expertise to give our flower shop customers the best offer that they can. Our flowers make sure to make you feel happy and contented with their sets of the highest quality of flower bouquets alongside notable value.

Bitteswell flower delivery provides the best delivery services in Bitteswell. Bitteswell flower delivery at Bitteswell flower shop provides the premium Bitteswell flower. Bitteswell flower shop online Bitteswell flower bouquet is the actual design and most photograph Bitteswell flower. Bitteswell flower delivery gives a classic service to Bitteswell flower shop customer for all the Bitteswell flower lovers in Bitteswell.n

Bitteswell Florist flowers offer a diversity of flowers like Spotty Bag, Sapphire, Mixed Roses, Floral Day Arrangement, Foliage Bouquet, Tulip Gift box, Dockgate, Rose Medley and many more garden-fresh Bitteswell flowers.

Hurray! Come and visit now at Flower Company and have a pleasant talk to our kind-hearted Bitteswell Florist!
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