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Things our Customers Say
Helen Trill

4 months ago

The wonderful, professional service received from the Flower company for a recent funeral. The flowers exceeded our expectations and were very good value for money. Many thanks for a caring service.
Sue Sutton

11 months ago

Always beautiful flower bouquets and plants. Been using them for years. Always fresh and longlasting. And reasonably priced too for the quality you get. Nice staff too. Big public car park nearby.
Annette Howard

a year ago

My mum had the most beautiful bouquet delivered for her 80th Birthday. Flowers were stunning, and the bouquet was massive. She was so happy with them. The delivery gentleman was also very kind.
amelia Smith

a year ago

Lovely team of people, always smiling and friendly. Helped me get exactly what I was looking for. Would go again for any types of flowers I need


The flower gives us a new beginning in life. It gives us hope to conquer the things that we thought that we cannot do. And it tells us that giving up is not the right key to do to make our dreams come to a reality. We may be failed at our first strike. And make our expectation break into pieces. We feel lost and left behind. Thinking all the negativities in life and always blaming ourselves for not doing the best that we can do. And feeling covered with darkness around us. That result, to make us weak physically, mentally, and emotionally.
But always remember, that there is a reason for every fall that we encounter. There is always a reason to make us smile and start a new beginning that is full of hope, faith, love, and strength. No matter how shady it is your past there is always a new makeover for it and show the world how lucky you are. Just like how a flower gives meaning to us.
Live life beautifully and amazingly. Construct everything according to God’s plan. Learn to wait and not giving up your dreams. Show your deepest and truest sincerity and love to the people surround you. For not giving up on you, on your weakest point. Make them stay in your life. Just like a wildflower means growing freely and giving true love and memories to people.
Speaking of giving true love and memories, Billesdon Florist can help you show or express your love. Billesdon Florist was found in Billesdon. Billesdon is a village and a civil parish in the Harbourough district of Leicestershire, England.
Billesdon manufactured bricks and stocking by the 20th century they reverted to an agricultural village. From 1846 until the early years of the 20th-century cattle fairs were held in Billesdon. And in 1835 Billesdon became the center of a new poor law union and the west of the village became a new workhouse. In the First World War, the building became a military hospital.
If we talk about amenities, Billesdon has several of them. Like, the Queen’s head that is sited on Church street, They have also a Greyhound Inn that is situated in the market place. Billesdon owns a leisure center called Coplow Centre featuring a multi-purpose sports area and a concert hall. Throughout the year, Coplow Centre serves various events such as the production of drama, entertainment, sports, and many more. On a life Hill close to Tilton on the Hill at lords Merton’s Covert wood at Sludge Hall there is an FM transmitter on it.
Billesdon florist is one of the most trusted florists in Billesdon. Billesdon Florist can provide you with enchanting bouquets and ensembles beautifully. Bilston Florist, highlighting only the most stunning and fresh flowers. Through the years, Billesdon Florist serves magnificent flowers to their lovely customer. The flowers of Billesdon Florist is incomparable.
Billesdon Florist flowers guarantee that they can give you nothing but the best and garden-fresh flowers. So, if you want your bouquet of flowers that lasts for a longer period of time. Billesdon Florist is the right one for you. Billesdon flower shop offers same-day and next-day delivery before 12 pm.
Billesdon Florist offers a unique flower collection that fits your needs and purpose. On any occasion or celebrations. Billesdon florist guarantees to give full customer satisfaction. Billesdon flowers best-sellers are Crazy in Love and Luxury 6 Red Roses that are at a very affordable price.
Aside from their best sellers flowers they also offer a mixture of flowers like a mix of roses, pink orchids, Lily, Victoria, and many more that are heartedly crafted that suitable to your taste. And will make you and your loved one’s day bright and romantic.
Hurray! Come and visit now at Flower Company and have a pleasant talk to our kind-hearted Billesdon Florist!
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